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      General Manager Speech

      MingFa Co .,Ltd have gone through the difficult beginning and hardship by all the stuffs till today, I feel it is not easy.

      For more than 20 years , MingFa have established a united and up team with respect for work , forming a health development system, and also own a large sum of honorific customers.

      The good prestige is the basic of developing business relationship. good prestige , I think it is pay attention to the customer’s needs every moment and make each customer satisfied . Only like this , we can get more customers and better development Otherwise,just like water without source, wood without origin.

      Join the WTO ahong with China , the Chinese economy connect with the larger scope of the world, it is urgen that the enterprise face the world competition and the new challenges, we must size up the situation and plan for the future. Further establishing the company manage system which adapt the market economy and high efficiency. We insist on “people is the root ” to train and set up a talented team of management?technique and marketing, increasing the technical investment,developing new product and new business, we continue to improve our technique and quality , seting up high grade service system of before sales ,selling?and after sales . We continue to develop market space and market share by our high quality product and service .

      We have gone through in the wind and rain along this road, having successful joy, now we begin to a new start again. The customer’s support?trust and the concerns of the same trade is our power . “MingFa”people will work hard , we hope to grow with you together!

      We believe firmly that everyone in MingFa and the cooperative friends with MingFa would go more and more wide as same as MingFa in the life and career!